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Custom shaped - Custom printed

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surprise balloon
surprise balloon
Wack a pack self inflating balloon  
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Parilloon Foil Balloon

Foil Balloons & Party Delights

in variety of colors and features, our products are made in different thickness and layers.  which enables creative features such as transparesy , illumination or making durable permannent helium balloons. Parilon brand is the first and only manufacturer of foil balloons and party decoration products in the country. it is possible to make all kinds of foil balloons and helium balloons with custom shaped & printed. It is also possible to make balloons in different thicknesses depending on the application (helium, permanent, high pressure). All products have one-way reusable valves. Birthday theme products such as metallic curtains, tinsel decorative skirt , and other party delights  are produce in this factory.


Ribbons, gift wrapping paper, Foil fringe curtains

Production of metallic gift paper and metallized ribbons, in a customized design and size. the ability to print the brand, logo for organizations, luxury double-sided  printing paper, matte, glossy - transparent gift wrapping paper and color perfection design . luxury Metallic  ribbon foil in various lengths and widths, types of decorative foil fringe curtains in various designs 

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